Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Garden

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Garden

Gardening is a much-loved activity but unfortunately, due to our busy lifestyles, we don’t have the time to beautify our outdoor spaces. A well-maintained garden is a healthy garden. Only a garden that is maintained produces edible fruits and vegetables as well as beautiful flowers. Maintaining the garden also improves the desirability of the property. So how exactly can we give our garden the attention it deserves Or what are the Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Garden?

Here are some tips which help you see greater rewards from your garden.

1. Feed the soil before you feed the plants – Better soil means healthier, stronger plants.

2. Examine plants carefully before buying – The easiest way to limit disease in your garden is to avoid introducing it in the place. Don’t take home a plant with dead spots, rotted stems, or insects. These problems can easily spread to your healthy plants and are sometimes hard to get rid of once established.

3. Keep an eye on your bugs – Harmful bugs and insects are not at all OK for your garden and so you must keep a constant check on them. The germs like bacteria and virus can mostly enter a plant when there is some sort of opening and the insect damage acts as the perfect opportunity for them. So, it is important that you do not allow your plants to get affected by bugs and it is definitely one of the easiest ways to maintain your garden.

4. Keep it clean and tidy– It is always best to clean out the garden in the fall, even if you live in a moderate climate. This is not only an effective deterrent to disease but also a good way to control diseases already in your garden.

5. Apply the correct fertilizer – You need to take care when fertilizing plants since too much of any fertilizer can burn roots, reducing their ability to absorb water. To avoid these, you may go for a soil test from your local extension agency and get information about the levels of nutrients in the soil. Thus, you will know which nutrient to use and in what amounts.

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