Tips For Gardening in Monsoon

Tips For Gardening In Monsoon

Monsoon is the best season for planting, and also for preparing the existing plants for taking in the full pleasure of nourishment. Planting trees at this time reduces much of your labor on their establishment and maintenance. All sizes of trees and shrubs can be planted during the rainy season if you give careful attention to watering. The best way to welcome monsoon is planting tress and preparing the existing plants for nourishment. Following are some important factors to be taken care for your garden at the time of monsoons.

1. Be careful to check your drainage system in the compound and garden. Water shouldn’t be allowed to stagnate in the garden as it can make plants rot easily.

2. Frogs and toads are a gardener’s best friends. They are voracious insect eaters. Encourage them with moving water or with a small stream or pond.

3. The Rain tree, Ficus varieties and Peltophorum are some of the fast growing trees with weak stems. They branch out and form a reasonable amount of shade within a short period of time.

4. Earthworms are a gardener’s friend. They not only aerate the soil by tunneling down about five feet, they also fertilize it.

If your gardenia leaves are turning yellow, mix a cup of rotted manure or cottonseed meal into the top layer of soil and keep moist.
Pruning and application of fertilizer are the two important tasks awaiting a gardener soon after summer. Removal of dead growth encourages the plants to throwing fresh shoots, while manure helps in expediting the growth with ample nourishment.
Application of pesticide is much needed once fresh shoots appear after pruning. External application of pesticides will kill the sucking pests that prefer fresh leaves.

Insects need to be culled manually as they are numerous and proliferate during monsoon. Having the insects attracted to lights, with a bowl of kerosene placed beneath, is one way of eliminating them.

Set your indoor plants outside in Monsoon. They will like a bit of rainwater, it is the humidity that they love.

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