Tips for Boosting Your Rose Blooms

Tips for Boosting Your Rose Blooms

Roses are seriously some of the prettiest flowers on earth! A super dreamy flower, symbolizing love or celebrations. They are always the most popular bouquet to give to someone too! These are some tips for making your rose blooms big, beautiful and healthy.

Pruning is something that should be done in early spring. If you missed that, don’t worry! Trimming is still key to get them to continue to produce flowers all season. Trimming sparks new growth in a rose bush, but make sure you do it correctly.

Yes! This is one of the best, totally free fertilizers available which works wonders for roses! Among other things, egg shells are full of calcium which is such a good nutrient for roses. In horticulture, we learned that calcium really strengthened the tissue of a rose which keeps it sturdy and strong. This allows it to grow bigger healthier blooms!

Another amazing chemical for your roses is coffee. Coffee grounds are full of nitrogen which is very important for the soil. Roses love neutral or acidic soil, so the addition of nitrogen is perfect. You can also add it to a compost pile you have which will further enrich the soil. Be careful not to add too much though! It can backfire and hurt the roses!

The only insects the rose will struggle with, and usually only potted roses, are aphids. Over the years, the only treatment have found helpful for this is to immediately power wash the aphids off the minute when you see any sign. Then, spray the area with an insecticide immediately.

This protects the flower bed soil and will protect roots from cold weather. Mulch will help flower beds from getting too wet when we have heavy rainfall. Without it, the roses just stand in water which leads to black spots!

Watering is something that will really depend on your weather. You need to only start watering roses in the deep part of Summer when we don’t get rain and temperatures are over 100 degrees. Usually the rain keeps them healthy, and they are so established, the roots are very deep.

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